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Churchill Vineyards wines can be purchased directly from Churchill Vineyards at 1045 Dodge Lane, Fallon, NV, and also many other fine retail establishments.

2013 "Nevada Grown" Riesling:

This fast selling 2013 Riesling has a delicate floral nose produced from Nevada grown grapes. On the palate, it is full-bodied, bright, and intensely fruity.  Riesling grapes grown in Nevada’s cool high desert region produce a brisk, tangy and refreshing wine. Flavors and aromas of apricot, peach and tangerine along with the bracing acidity of Churchill Vineyards’ “estate” Riesling reflect a unique character of Nevada grown Riesling grapes. This Riesling lends itself quite well to white meat food pairings.  Ice down and serve cold.    ALC. 12.6% By Vol.

   2012 "Nevada Grown" Gewurztraminer:

Churchill Countys climate creates a premium Gewurztraminer wine with an emphasis on fruit which is traditionally spicy. Enjoy the honey apricot and peach flavors in the glass, and breath deep to capture the aromas of rose petals and honeysuckle.  This is a very rare Nevada estate wine produced from Nevada grown “estate” grapes which can not be found anywhere else in the marketplace.    ALC. 12.6% By Vol.

                                                2012 "Nevada Grown" Chardonnay-Semillon:

Grown on-site in Churchill County, this Chardonnay-Semillon blend is made from 65% Chardonnay and 35% Semillon.  Both varietals were separately hand harvested, pressed very gently, and allowed to ferment at cold temperatures in stainless steel, which preserves the flavors lost at higher temperatures. Later they were separately aged in French oak barrels and carefully blended into this beautiful wine.  Malolactic fermentation was prevented in the Semillon and allowed in the Chardonnay.  This made the wine slightly buttery while still retaining the crisp finish that our Semillon is known for.   ALC. 12.7% By Vol.

2012 Merlot:

Churchill Vineyards crafted this exceptional Merlot from carefully selected grapes grown in Lodi, California.  Hand harvested on a crisp September morning and produced into fine wine at Churchill Vineyards.  Fine grade tannins and firm acidity enhance the nicely balanced fruit. Barrel aged with obvious complexity coupled with creamy oak texture make this wine thoroughly enjoyable. From our family to yours, enjoy this premium wine.  ALC 14.5% By Vol.



                                   2012 Cabernet Sauvignon:

This premium wine was made from a small quantity of specially selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown by Metler Vineyards, California.  Fine grade tannin and firm acidity layer in texture with the nicely balanced fruit. Barrel aged with obvious complexity coupled with creamy oak texture make this wine thoroughly enjoyable.   ALC. 14.5% By Vol.

2011 Petite Sirah:

Churchill Vineyards crafted this unique Petite Sirah from a small quantity of specially selected Petite Sirah grapes grown to perfection.  Deep in color with intense tannins, this wine promises to be fruit forward followed by a burst of deep blackberry and pepper notes with complex oak undertones.    ALC. 14.3% By Vol.







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