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Frey Ranch Estate Distillery

After operating for approximately 5 years with our experimental license, Churchill Vineyards dba Frey Ranch Estate Distillery is proud to be Nevada's First Commercial Distillery, receiving our official Federal License in January 2010.  Currently, we are distilling numerous products grown on Nevada's high desert farms.  We have been successful with Brandy, Grappa, Vodka, and several other distilled spirits made from vinifera grape and grain crops grown in Northern Nevada.

Vodka- Distilled from grain grown and harvested on the historic Frey Ranch in Fallon, Nevada.  (Available Now)

Gin- Distilled from grain and Juniper Berries grown and harvested on the historic Frey Ranch.  (Available Soon)

Nevada Bourbon-  Distilled from a minimum 51% Corn and a combination of Wheat, Barley and Rye grown on the Frey Ranch.  Aged in new barrels for 3 or more years.  (Available Soon)

Nevada Single Malt Whiskey-  Distilled from malted barley grown on the historic Frey Ranch in Fallon, Nevada.  (Available Soon)

Churchill Vineyards (CV), Nevada’s Premier Estate Winery, is also Nevada’s First Legal Distillery.   This historic bottle of Brandy was handcrafted and distilled in small batches by 5th generation Nevadan, Colby Frey.   It represents the first legally distilled spirit in Nevada history. The quality wine grapes used to produce this brandy are some of the same grapes CV used to produce their fine wines. CV aged this Brandy for 5 years in premium French Oak barrels resulting in a natural amber hue, characterizing the extraction of oak flavor and color.  (Limit 2 Bottles per person, per month)  
$25.00 each

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