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A Toast


Thank You:  Churchill Vineyards would not exist today without the support of the local community, state and federal governmental agencies, private businesses and individuals who have made sizeable contributions to help Churchill Vineyards create Nevada’s largest experimental research test vineyard project and first “Estate” winery.  Our sincere THANKS to the following entities and individuals for their continued support of Churchill Vineyards project:



University of Nevada,  provided funding for 3,500 vines and vineyard equipment for CV’s Varietals Research Vineyard.

United States Department of Agriculture,  provided funding for irrigation reservoir at CV’s Varietals Research Vineyard.

Nevada State Department of Agriculture, provided funding for trellis and bird netting at Roze Marketing Research Vineyard.

UNR Cooperative Extension Service, provided funds for weather station and provided technical assistance at both vineyards.

USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service, provided engineering assistance and funding for regulating irrigation reservoir.

Western Nevada Supply, provided irrigation supplies for both Roze Marketing Research Vineyard, and CV’s Varietals Vineyard.

Wal Mart Stores, Inc.  exchanged land, allowed frontage access to new proposed vineyard site and provided engineering services.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service for support and providing land for expansion of Roze Marketing Research Vineyard

Churchill County Commissioners, & CC Communication prepared letters of support and provided trenching machine.

Lumos & Associates, provided survey assistance for both Roze Marketing Research and CV’s Varietals Vineyards.

Nevada Conservation & Natural Resources, approved vineyard row strip irrigation to conserve water resources. 

Truckee Carson Irrigation District  provided labor to install drainage pipe & assistance to transfer water rights.

Lahontan Valley Environmental Alliance provided technical support and prepared  grant applications

Churchill County Economic Development Authority provided economic support and assistance.

Desert Research Institute, provides weather Service and information at CV’s Varietals Vineyard.

Roze Family Trust, provided land, water and electricity for Roze Marketing Research Vineyard.

City of Fallon, provided letters of support and pumps to clear drain lines for irrigation reservoir.

Newlands Water Protective Associating, provided services to transfer surface water rights

First Independent Bank provided long term financing for operating revenues for winery.

Fallon Convention & Tourism Authority, provided assistance in preparing wine labels.

Jim’s Supply Company, provided bird netting machine & discounted trellis supplies.

R Supply, provided discounted pump and irrigation supplies and design engineering.

Great Basin Bank provided long term financing for new vineyard on Casey Road.

Churchill County Chamber of Commerce provided support for grant applications.

Workman Farms provided cantaloupe which was made into wine and brandy.

D & D Plumbing,  provided discounted services for constructing wine cellar.

Kents Supply, provided discounted building supplies for pumping stations.

Louies Ace Hardware, provided discounted irrigation supplies.

Colonial Bank provided short term start-up operating loans.

Ally Mason  designed Churchill Vineyards Wine Label.

Stockmans Casino for sponsoring wine tasting events.

Dick Tijsseling, provided technical assistance for wine making.

Karen Denio, providing technical assistance and prepared grant applications.

Dr Wayne Johnson, provided technical assistance in vine growth and management.

Jay Davison, provided technical assistance design, vine development and management

Dr. Grant Cramer, provided technical assistance in establishing CV’s Varietals Research Vineyard.

Over fifty members of Churchill Grape Growers, Inc  (a 501 C (3) non-profit company) contributed funds for both vineyard projects.












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